We are looking forward to another desexing deluge in July. Thanks to the participating vets, more than 10 000 cats and dogs were desexed in National Desexing Month 2016! Hopefully more vet clinics and even more desexing this year!

Glossy A3 posters and information are currently being compiled for posting to every veterinary clinic, council animal management Department and animal welfare organisation in Australia, along with Participation Forms to vets. These packages should arrive by Friday 9th June.

You can also access the posters, information and forms from this website.

We encourage vets to please register by the 16th June, to give us time to include all participating vets on the website by 1st July. However if your package is delayed you can still register right up til the end of June.

If you don’t receive your package, please contact us:

Ph 07 55099013 or 1 300 368 992 or email: admin@ndn.org.au

Thanks again to the vets of Australia for your ongoing support and commitment to preventing abandoned and euthanized cats and dogs.