Winner of the NDM poster winner is....

The National Desexing Network has chosen a winner in
their Design for a Cause competition.

Alissa Appenzeller was announced the winner with a SAFE
SEX ad which promotes the importance of desexing.

Gold Coast based Appenzeller says she is looking
forward to seeing the poster out in the community and through social media
channels and was very excited that her advertisement had won.

The National Desexing Network (NDN) is an initiative of
the Animal Welfare League of Qld and is a nationwide referral system for
discounted desexing made available to pet owners in financial need.

Established in 2004 the NDN has a nationwide network of
more than 160 participating veterinary clinics and to date has helped to de sex
40,000 cats and dogs nationwide.

Every year in July the NDN organises National Desexing
Month where welfare organisations, pounds and veterinarians are invited to
participate by encouraging pet owners in their communities to de sex their pets
before the summer breeding season.

Animal Welfare League of Qld President and NDN Director
Sylvana Wenderhold says the poster was chosen because it used humour to
highlight a serious topic and hopes the clear message would stick in peoples’
minds long after they glance away.

“We needed an advertisement that got people talking and
one that would have a clear call to action”.

“We hope that the people from all over Australia will
see July as their opportunity to be a responsible pet owner and desex their
animals before summer hits and brings with it more dumped and unwanted litters”.

“There is lots of benefits to having desexed animals
including better behaviour, less need to escape the back yard to find a mate and
health reasons”, Ms Wenderhold says.