In pounds and shelters across Australia, hundreds of lost and abandoned cats and dogs still die daily. National Desexing Month is an initiative of National Desexing Network urging pet owners to desex their cats and dogs to PREVENT UNWANTED LITTERS AND OVERPOPULATION.

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Spring breeding season is around the corner and pets, particularly cats, breed at an astounding rate, in the warmer months.

Take advantage of this opportunity in July to desex your owned or part owned cat or dog and help reduce unwanted litters and overpopulation. Check out our Vet Directory to see if there are vets participating in your area.

*Unfortunately, there may be areas without participating vets this July, but if you wish to advocate, you can encourage your Council’s Animal Management Coordinator and Councillor’s to contact the National Desexing Network regarding our year-round Cooperative Desexing Program managed free of charge for Councils.

Steps to get your Desexing discounts

  1. Click on ‘Vet Directory’ to be directed to our national map
  2. Search by Suburb to find a local* vet offering discounts in July
  3. Take note of the contact details for a suitably located vet offering discounts
  4. Call the Vet Clinic directly to book your pets discounted desexing procedure in July.


Vouchers are not required for National Desexing Month

Vet directory location pins are red for clinics/organisations participating in our campaign

Some discounts are only available to pension/concession/healthcare cardholders

Book as early as possible as some clinics have waiting lists