Dear Veterinarian’s

Our National Desexing Month in July is an opportunity to be the hero in your community!

If your clinic wishes to participate again or for the first time this year, THANK YOU! Click on Register Now to complete our Participation form where you will record the desexing discounts you will provide for July. This will be entered into our Vet Directory and searchable by those wishing to get their pets desexed.

Check out our timeline for important dates to remember leading up to July 1st.

Still not sure if you want to participate in the National Desexing Month Campaign? Take a look below at some reasons we think will benefit you.

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Digital assets available include poster, social media tiles and media release

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Why participate in National Desexing Month?

Leverage your expertise to champion a cause that not only manages the pet population but also promotes animal health and welfare within your community.

Offering reduced-cost desexing services in July motivates timely action before the spring breeding season, aligning your practice with a national initiative to aid pet owners who might otherwise forgo desexing due to cost.

This effort not only enhances your practice’s standing but also grows your client base through service to those in need, earning the appreciation of numerous pet owners and the loyalty of their pets.

Over time, this will lead to fewer unplanned pets being passed to individuals possibly lacking the resources for proper care, fostering more responsible pet ownership, reducing the burden on veterinarians for pro bono work, and decreasing the number of unwanted pets facing euthanasia.

Let’s work together to make a difference, one pet at a time!



Download our 2024 National Desexing Month Campaign in July by clicking on the images below.

Our 2024 National Desexing Month glossy poster will be mailed to all vets, organisations and councils to promote our campaign. If you do not usually receive these, you are a new vet clinic or your address has changed, please email us at [email protected]. We will add you to our database or update your details so we can send you the information every year.

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