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For interested Councils

Many Councils are now recognising the benefits of funding desexing subsidies to prevent unwanted cats and dogs

These benefits include:

  • reduced Council costs – it is cheaper to provide desexing subsidies than to have to collect, hold and euthanize or rehome unwanted cats and dogs
  • reduced euthanasia rates
  • greater compliance with laws requiring desexing
  • community support for a more positive approach to animal management

The National Desexing Network currently organises ongoing targeted Cooperative Desexing programs on behalf of a number of Councils including:

  • City of Gold Coast
  • Ipswich City Council
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • Fraser Coast Regional Council
  • Camden Council

These Councils budget a set amount each year to be used directly for desexing subsidies for residents in need e.g. City of Gold Coast has been participating for the past 8 years to support a requirement in their local laws for all kittens to be desexed prior to sale or transfer.

If your Council is interested in finding out more about this program or currently offer desexing subsidies, please complete the form below: