Dear Animal Management Coordinators and staff,

National Desexing Month is in July!

You should have received FREE National Desexing Month posters in early June.

Did you know that NDN will set up and manage a year-round Cooperative Desexing Program for you and promote desexing through National Desexing Month free of charge for Councils?  NDN manages this desexing program for Councils free of charge to make it easy and cost-effective for you.

Costs are shared between owners, vets, Councils and NDN.  This program specifically targets low-income residents to make the prices low enough for them to desex their cats and dogs.  Some Councils choose to make it free for some/all residents. Council budgets an amount they can afford annually, with every dollar used to subsidise the desexing costs for residents in need. NDN invites all local vet clinics to participate and contribute by reducing their prices to a set program fee.  NDN provides free media and promotional resources, receives calls from residents five days a week all year round, makes monthly payments to the vets and provides updates and reports to Council.

Most Councils use this year-round program to help desex cats, as cats breed continuously and faster.  However, in some regional areas where stray dogs are a concern, the program is offered for both cats and dogs.

It’s simple.  Register your interest in starting an NDN Cooperative Desexing Program for the 2022/23 year today by clicking here. NDN will contact you to discuss the program and how it can be implemented in your area. Alternatively, you can contact the NDN Coordinator by calling 07 5509 9044 or emailing at [email protected].

The more you put into desexing now at a very low cost for residents in need, the fewer unwanted cats and dogs you will have to manage in the future!