For organisations offering desexing support

Would you like to share your desexing program through our  National Desexing Network website?

The National Desexing Network receives calls from people needing help with desexing cats and dogs across Australia, 5 days a week all year round.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in putting your organisation and program information on the National Desexing Network directory map to help people near you in need of support to find you.

We also encourage Councils across Australia to contribute annual funding to desexing subsidies to prevent unwanted cats and dogs. We strongly believe it is the responsibility of Council Animal Management Departments to be proactive in preventing unwanted litters by funding a Cooperative Desexing Program. It saves lives, reduces stress in both animals and animal management staff, and reduces costs to Councils. If Council is not contributing to a subsidised program in your area, we can provide support to encourage your local Council to contribute to desexing.

Read how the NDN Cooperative Desexing Program works and the Benefits to Councils here