If you are currently offering discounted desexing through the National Desexing Network and would like to update your details, fill out the form below in full and the changes will be made as soon as possible, usually within 5 business days of your notification. They will take affect from the day they are changed on the website.

For interested vets

You can join the National Desexing Network (NDN) all year round to help cats and dogs and your community and increase your business at the same time

The National Desexing Network (NDN) is an initiative of the Animal Welfare League Qld to end pet overpopulation by making desexing readily available to those experiencing financial hardship and to promote and encourage desexing.

You can join one, or preferably both, of the following programs:

  1. All Year Program for Pension/Concession Card Holders: Pet owners with a valid concession card apply for an NDN desexing voucher, and download this voucher off the website themselves or contact the NDN to send a voucher to them. They then book an appointment with vets registered with NDN to offer discounted desexing services. See below for recommended prices (or you can choose your own low prices) and Vet Registration Form to be listed on our Desexing Directory.
  2. National Desexing Month in July: Discounts are offered for all pet owners as a special promotion just for July, particularly to encourage desexing before the spring breeding season. The Vet Participation Form for National Desexing Month (with recommended National Desexing Month prices) for the general public (or pension/concession card holders) is sent to vets around May/June each year with a special National Desexing Month poster for display. The National Desexing Month Participation Form  along with poster, flier and Facebook banner can also be accessed on our website in June. 

1. All Year Program for Pension/Concession Card Holders: NDN recommends the discount pricing listed below.  However, you can set your own prices that you think are more suitable.

Recommended NDN Special Low-Cost Desexing Prices (all year round for pension/concession card holders only) 

By joining the National Desexing Network all year round, you will be helping your community and those in financial hardship, making an impact by reducing the numbers of unwanted cats and dogs in Australia and generating goodwill and new clients.

All you have to do is fill out the registration form below, and your business will be added to our desexing directory.

Pension/concession card holders can search the participating vets in their area on our desexing directory,  select your clinic and obtain a voucher online. They will then contact your clinic to make an appointment. They should mention that they have an NDN voucher at the time of booking.

On the day of desexing,  the customer should bring the voucher with the concession card number on it. As well, you can ask to see their pension/concession card as proof of their eligibility. If a customer comes in with an NDN voucher without a valid concession card, you have the right to refuse their voucher.

Our admin staff are here to support you, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.