You can help reduce the number of abandoned and homeless litters of kittens and puppies where you live: 

  • Get your cats and dogs desexed, and the local unowned stray cats if possible too, with reduced prices and other special offers during September 2020. Some vets offer discounts for everyone during National Desexing Month (NDM); others for pension/concession card holders only.

    The list of participating vet clinics and their special offers for National Desexing Month are now available here.  Vouchers are not needed. When you call the vet to make an appointment you just need to mention National Desexing Month and the NDM prices as listed on the spreadsheet.If you are unable to find a vet near you involved in National Desexing Month, there are vets who offer reduced prices to pension/concession card holders in some areas all year round and these are listed on our Directory. If you need further help, please phone 1300 368 992.

  • The prices that are given in the vet directory only include the costs for desexing. If your cat or dog is pregnant, in-season or has undescended testicles, there may be extra cost. Also, any optional extras such as pre-op blood tests, fluids, extra pain relief, an Elizabethan collar, etc. are at your expense. Please ensure you ask the clinic about these additional costs and/or optional services before your appointment, so you avoid unexpected costs.
  • Encourage your local veterinarians to participate by registering on the NDN website. Posters and Vet Participation Forms will be available on-line by mid-June.  Hard copies for display will be mailed to every vet, council and animal organisation in Australia to encourage desexing of cats and dogs, and should be received around mid-July.
  • Encourage your Council’s Animal Management Coordinator and Councillors to email the NDN on  about our year-round Cooperative Desexing Program managed free of charge for Councils. More details are here.