You can help prevent the numbers of abandoned and homeless animals where you live:

  • Get your cats and dogs desexed, and the local unowned stray cats if possible too, with reduced prices and other special offers in July 2021. Some vets offer discounts for everyone during National Desexing Month; others for pension/concession card holders only.

The list of participating vet clinics and their special offers can be found here. You can also search our directory here. Just enter your suburb to see National Desexing Month vets and any other vets or desexing programs offered all year round on our directory. Vouchers are not needed; you just need to request National Desexing Month prices as listed on the NDN website.

  • Encourage your Council’s Animal Management Coordinator and Councillors to contact the National Desexing Network about our year-round Cooperative Desexing Program managed free of charge for Councils. More details are here.