National Desexing Month is in July!

Many Councils are now providing desexing programs for their residents to prevent stray and abandoned cats and dogs, particularly cats.

If you are running a special free/low cost desexing campaign for National Desexing Month in July, please let us know the details by email to [email protected] with a link to the program on your website.  We will be happy to promote it through our NDN Directory.

We can also send a couple of National Desexing Month posters on request.  However, the poster, social media banner and media release (which you can customise) are also available here.

As well as promoting desexing through National Desexing Month, NDN will set up and manage a year-round Cooperative Desexing Program for you to make it easy and cost-effective for you.

Most Councils use this year-round program to help desex cats, as cats breed continuously and at a faster rate.  However, in some regional areas where stray dogs are a concern, the program is offered for both cats and dogs.

It’s simple.  Register your interest in starting an NDN Cooperative Desexing Program for the 2023/24 year today here.  NDN will contact you to discuss the program and how it can be implemented in your area.

The more you put into desexing now at a very low cost for residents in need, the fewer unwanted dogs and cats you will have the cost of managing in the future!