National Desexing Month 2018 – PET OWNERS

//National Desexing Month 2018 – PET OWNERS
National Desexing Month 2018 – PET OWNERS 2018-07-02T16:55:41+00:00

Get your pet desexed this July during National Desexing Month!

  1. Click on the button below to go to the National Desexing Month Vet Directory. In the location box above the map, enter your postcode or suburb.
  2. You can adjust the search radius with the small wheel next to the location box.
  3. The map will show your area with any vets offering special offers for National Desexing Month allowing you to compare prices.
  4. Phone the vet directly.  You do not need a voucher for National Desexing Month vets.

If you have a pension/concession card, you can also click on Apply for Low-Cost Desexing at the top of the screen to search for other discounted desexing offers all year round.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 1300 368 992.

Thank you for desexing your pet.



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