NDN’s National Desexing Month 

National Desexing Month promotes desexing, and encourages all pet owners to desex their cats and dogs before the spring/summer breeding season.

Vets participate by providing discounted desexing and/or other special offers e.g. free microchips to preferably all pet owners (or pension/concession card holders) as a special promotion for National Desexing Month.

National Desexing Month is normally held in July to encourage desexing before the spring breeding season however, in 2020 it has been postponed until September due to COVID-19 impacts.

National Desexing Month posters promoting desexing are sent to every vet, Council and animal organisation in Australia, along with Participation Forms (with recommended National Desexing Month prices) usually in May/June each year however due to the postponed dates, the posters should now arrive mid to late July. You should receive our 2020 NDM Poster in the mail by mid-July, along with the printed Participation Form to be returned or completed on-line by Friday, 21st August 2020. The National Desexing Month Participation Form is available below.

A customisable media release can be downloaded here and promotional resources such as posters and social media assets can be found here.

We look forward to your participation in National Desexing Month. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.