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The National Desexing Network Desexing Directory has over 200 organisations including vet clinics, local council programs and animal welfare and rescue organisations that are able to offer discounted desexing to the public.


How does it work?

The National Desexing Network Directory helps you search for low cost desexing services in your area. These services may be provided by Councils, local vets and other organisations. These are colour-coded on the map as follows:

Veterinary clinics who offer reduced price desexing FOR PENSION/CONCESSION CARD HOLDERS ONLY all year. You can complete your application for a voucher online and have the voucher emailed to you. If you have difficulties with this process, you can phone NDN on 1300 368 992.

To obtain a voucher on-line:

  1. Click on each of the participating vet clinics in your area to compare prices. The prices that are given in the vet directory only include the cost for desexing. If your cat or dog is pregnant, in-season or has undescended testicles, there may be the extra cost. Also, any optional extras such as pre-op blood tests, fluids, extra pain relief, an Elizabethan collar, etc. are at your expense. Please ensure you ask the clinic about these additional costs and/or optional services before your appointment, so you avoid unexpected costs.
  2. Choose the vet clinic you want and click on Apply Now (scroll to below their price list).
  3. If you have more than one cat or dog, please ensure you fill in a separate Application Form for each animal.
  4. Please note: You must enter your valid pension/concession card/Veterans Affairs Number. Please do NOT put spaces between the numbers and letter at the end (example 111222333A).
  5. Your voucher(s) will be emailed to you. Once received, call the vet clinic to book an appointment, being sure to mention that you have an NDN desexing voucher.
  6. Take your pet in to be desexed.

It’s that easy!

Local Council desexing subsidy programs. 

Some councils budget an annual amount for NDN Co-operative Desexing Programs to help residents in need.  For these programs, you must phone on 1300 368 992 to find out if you are eligible for a voucher.  Most of these Council desexing subsidies apply to cats only, because cats breed faster resulting in many more kittens than pups being abandoned and euthanised in most areas.

Some councils manage their own subsidy programs. For these, you need to contact the local council directly.

Local council desexing subsidies are available only to people who live within that council’s catchment.

Other Organisations offering desexing support  Other organisations  providing subsidies and organising local vet clinics willing to assist pet owners in financial hardship  in your area. Discounted rates can vary from group to group, and amongst the clinics, they network with. For information on whether you are eligible for low-cost desexing and pricing, contact the organisation directly. 

National Desexing Month Veterinary clinics offer reduced price desexing or other incentives in July only, during National Desexing Month. These offers may be available to all pet owners or just pension/concession card holders. Each participating vet decides what special pricing they will offer.  YOU DO NOT NEED A VOUCHER FOR NATIONAL DESEXING MONTH OFFERS. COMPARE THE OFFERS FROM EACH PARTICIPATING VET CLINIC IN YOUR AREA ON THE MAP, AND PHONE THE VET DIRECTLY to make an appointment. Be sure to mention National Desexing Month and thank them for this offer.

Vet clinic offers for National Desexing Month will only be shown on the map from the end of June until the end of July each year.


  • Some areas may still not show any programs because there are no participating veterinary clinics or local councils, or we may not have been informed of their programs. If you are or know of,  a vet, an organisation or local council offering reduced price desexing – please contact the National Desexing Network on 1300 368 992 or email
  • If you can afford to pay your veterinarian’s normal fees, it is important that you do so. The NDN referral service is designed for pet owners in genuine financial need, and it is unfair to ask veterinarians to reduce reasonable fees for financially secure clients who are simply looking for ‘the best deal’.  It is NOT available for intentional breeders of cats or dogs who can recoup the cost of desexing when they sell their animals.
  • The vets participating in the NDN program receive no subsidies or funding. These vets discount their prices out of goodwill and their commitment to the welfare of Australia’s cats and dogs. Please be polite, show your appreciation, and consider supporting the vets registered with the NDN by visiting them for any other treatments your pet may require.
  • All veterinarians associated with the National Desexing Network are registered vets.
  • Your participation in the program is strictly voluntary. NDN assumes no risk for the health of your pet or the outcome of the surgery. NDN reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time. If there are any problems submitting this application online, please feel free to call us at our toll-free number.

Thank you for reading the instructions.

Now, click on the red bar at the bottom of the page to go to the Desexing Directory. You will see a map of Australia with clusters of programs.

Above the map, in the “Enter a Location” box, enter your suburb and State.

Click on the blue Search button on the RHS. 

The map will be zoomed in to show your area with any desexing programs that have been listed with us.

Click on each of these colour-coded buttons (described above) to see the offers, select one you prefer and are eligible for, and follow the instructions to apply for a voucher.

                      If you have any queries, please contact us on 1300 368 992.

Thank you for desexing your pet.

Together with your help, we will end the abandonment and killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs in Australia.